Long Legged Bird and Their Characteristics with Pictures

If you’re anything like me, you love all animals equally. But sometimes you see a certain type of animal and think, ” wow, that’s my favorite!” For example, I have always been fascinated by birds with long legs. I love the way they look elegant and graceful as they strut around.

There are many reasons why you might want to know about long-legged birds. Perhaps you’re an amateur ornithologist who is looking to add a few new species to your life list. Maybe you’re considering getting a pet bird and want to learn about your options. Or maybe you just think these creatures are fascinating! Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll provide a comprehensive list of long-legged birds, along with some key information about each species. Keep reading to learn more!

List of Birds with Long Legs

There are many different types of long-legged birds in the world! Each species has its own unique set of characteristics that makes it special. Here is a list of some of the most beautiful long-legged birds in the world.


Cranes are tall, slender birds that can stand up to 5 feet tall with a wingspan of over 6 feet. They are usually white or gray in color with long necks and legs. Cranes live in wetlands near rivers, lakes, and marshes where they use their long legs to wade through shallow water in search of food such as insects, crustaceans, rodents, snakes, and small mammals.


Storks are large birds that can stand up to 6 feet tall. They have white plumage and black wings with a wingspan of over 8 feet! Storks typically live in wetland areas near rivers, lakes, and marshes. They use their long legs to wade through shallow water in search of food such as frogs, fish, and insects.


The Australian heron is a stunning bluebird that can reach heights of up to 4 feet tall. These birds have incredible eyesight and use their long legs to wade through water in search of fish to eat. Herons are also known for their loud calls which can be heard for miles around.

American Egret

The American egret is a beautiful white bird with yellow eyes. They can grow to be 3 feet tall and have a wingspan of up to 5 feet! Egrets use their long legs to wade through shallow water in search of amphibians, fish, and other small prey items.


The flamingo is one of the most iconic long-legged birds. These beautiful creatures are usually pink or red in color and stand between 3 and 5 feet tall. These birds get their characteristic pink color from the shrimp and algae that they eat. Flamingos typically grow to be about one meter tall, but their legs can reach up to two meters in length!

They typically weigh between 4 and 8 pounds. Flamingos live in warm climates near lakes, rivers, and swamps. Their long legs help them wade through deep water in search of food. They mainly eat shrimp, algae, and small fish.

Flamingos are native to Africa. Like ostriches, flamingos are also flightless birds. However, they are excellent swimmers and can often be seen floating gracefully on the water’s surface.


Ostriches are the largest living bird in the world, and they are notable for their extremely long legs. These legs can grow up to two meters in length and support the ostrich’s large body, which can weigh up to 160 kilograms.

Ostriches are native to Africa, and they live in open grasslands or savannas. These birds are omnivorous, meaning they will eat both plants and animals. Ostriches are flightless birds, but they can reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour when running!


Stilts are a type of wading bird that gets their name from their long, thin legs. These legs can grow up to half a meter in length, which helps stilts wade through shallow water in searches of food like small fish or insects.

Stilts typically have black or gray plumage, but their legs are often brightly colored. Stilts can be found on every continent except for Antarctica, and they typically live near coasts or inland waterways. These birds are excellent flyers and can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour!

Birds with long legs are some of the most fascinating creatures in the world! I hope you enjoyed learning about these tall birds and their unique characteristics. Do you have a favorite bird on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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